A Playful and Creative Christmas Gift Guide

We can all agree that 2020 has been a particularly unusual and uncertain year so coming together for the holidays, whether it’s in person or over zoom, is a treat many of us are looking forward to. After such an odd year, when it comes to gifting, what could be better than items that bring back creativity and playfulness into our lives. Gifts that you can enjoy alone or together with others, all whilst supporting smaller brands and artists. 

This playful Christmas gift guide has been arranged in four separate categories to showcase gifts that do just that.

  • Creative gifts;
  • Playful gifts;
  • Courses to gift;
  • Other gift ideas.

Creative Gifts

Cotton Clara 

For those looking to take up embroidery and cross stitching, a gift from Cotton Clara is the perfect treat. Here you can find embroidery and cross stitch kits in cute styles and with fun quotes. They also have plenty of craft supplies and sewing accessories. 

Creative embroidery christmas gifts



Looking for a gift that keeps giving? Look no further. Gift an Artful subscription to someone you care about and they will receive a quarterly box with fresh and fun art supplies. If you visit their website, you can check out what they have placed in past boxes and a sneak peek of the content for their upcoming one. 

P.S. with each box sold, Artful donates to Create, the UK’s leading charity empowering lives through the creative arts. 


Art set christmas gift



Beautify someone's surroundings

Did you know that surrounding yourself with beauty is known to enhance creativity whilst unblocking your mind? So this Christmas, take the opportunity to brighten up a loved one’s wall with beautiful prints and check out the following independent artists.

  • Bria Nichole from @Briapaints creates stunning lifestyle art and illustrations in warm colours and beautiful silhouettes. You can find her shop here.


art print christmas gifts



  • Arty Guava from @Artyguava makes beautiful prints in soft shapes and dreamy colours. On her shop you can find traditional prints as well as wall hangings, check it out here.


Art and creative prints for christmas gifts



Christmas gift ideas


  • Franka from @FrankaMakesPatterns is an artist and artist coach who makes colourful and bubbly prints with lots of greenery. 
Frankamakespatterns prints



Arty prints for the playful adult mind


Playful Gifts

Board games

Getting together has never seemed more important (or more impossible in some situations..) but when we do manage to, playing an old school board game can be the perfect activity. Here are some suggestions of fun ones that you can play together with others. 


Board games christmas gifts

Jigsaw Puzzles

Mai mo’s jigsaw puzzles are the perfect gift to anyone who loves to puzzle or who simply loves beautiful objects on their shelves and coffee tables. Grab yours before it's too late!

Courses to gift

If you want to encourage someone to try something new or enhance their skills, why not give a course to someone you care about? There are so many great courses out there but some of my personal favourites are: 

  • Clay and pottery; 
  • Painting or sketching;
  • Flower arranging; 
  • Cooking; 
  • Yoga; 

P.S. Locations or specific courses haven’t been specified as it will depend on where you live. 

Other Gift Ideas

Book club arrangement

A gift can be more than just an object, a gift can also be a promise to spend more time together.  So this year, why not take charge and arrange a book club for your friends. A book club is a lovely occasion to gather around and it’s also free of charge. You’ll not only spend quality time together but also venture on a book journey together. 

Charity support or volunteer your time

The holiday season is about caring for others and giving back, so what better way could there be to do so than to donate to a charity in a loved ones name or volunteer your time to a cause that they care about?


Do you have any other great suggestions for playful and creative Christmas gifts? If so, let’s help each other out and share it in the comments below 


If you are looking for more gift inspiration, find our gift guide for creative and playful people here.


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