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Get to know mai mo better by hearing what our customers around the world are saying about their mai mo moments.

"I just adore my Mai Mo puzzles! It seems like every detail was so meticulously thought out from the gorgeous texture of the box, to the carefully selected colours and sustainable canvas bag. 
They have been an ideal way to unplug from everyday tech and city life to quickly tap into a lighter, creative and playful side. Such a treat!”

 Britni, London - an angler & a colourful bonanza
1000 piece brazilian modern landscape jigsaw puzzle

"The experience: perfection. Literally, from start to finish, I couldn’t have asked for more. The beauty of this image and soothing colors of this puzzle made it truly unforgettable."

Amanda, Ohio
an angler



“Wow! I haven’t puzzled in years, since I was a teenager perhaps. I forgot how much fun it can be. This puzzle is challenging, even for adults and it’s so entertaining to piece together with friends circled around a table or even alone in the evening. I like to take my time with it and the finished product was so satisfying. They make excellent gifts too!”

Andrew, London - passing of the moon

passing of the moon 1000 piece british landscape jigsaw puzzle for adults

"A puzzle that you fall in love the moment you see it. It’s beautiful colors and irregular shapes are out of what I have ever seen it. I bought the one called “ colour bonanza”. I must say that I was addicted to it after 10min. Couldn’t wait to see the masterpiece finished. The package is beautiful and that the textile bag that brings the pieces in it gives a environment friendly consciousness that I love."

Aline, Cascais -
a colourful bonanza

"I love the piece shapes & fit, the soothing artwork by Brazilian Artist Tarsila do Amaral & the beautiful box which definitely passes the ‘shelfie’ test!! I highly recommend!"
Becky, Grantham - an angler

"Just finished my second mai mo puzzle and loved the experience from start to finish. Soothing artworks and beautiful boxes that I look forward to keeping on my shelves!"
Camilla, London - an angler & passing of the moon

"I ordered the colourful bonanza to brighten up my bookshelf and it worked like a charm. Beautiful as gifts or interior decorations for those of us who are not the biggest puzzlers too!"

Enrique, London -
a colourful bonanza

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