6 ways to be more playful (at any age!)

February 15 2021
Figuring out how to be more playful at any age, is an amazing thing to do! So, if you want to get a push in a playful direction, learn how to embrace playfulness in 6 easy ways.

How to frame a puzzle (with glue and without)

February 8 2021
After completing a challenging and beautiful puzzle, sometimes the last thing that you want to do...

Top 8 of the most creative and fun DIY influencers to follow now

February 2 2021
Looking for inspiring influencers to follow for creative inspiration and fun DIY? Look no further! Whether they are focused on cooking, mending or creating a creative home, these women all have the best tips, pretty feeds and inspiring content to get your creative juices flowing.

Why I founded mai mo

January 22 2021
After taking “you don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing” to heart , the idea of mai mo was born within me as a space to reconnect others with their innate playfulness and creativity.

A Playful and Creative Christmas Gift Guide 2020

October 23 2020

2020 has been a particularly unusual and uncertain year so coming together for the holidays is a treat that many of us are looking forward to. After such an odd year, what could be better than gifting things that bring back creativity and playfulness into our lives, gifts that you can enjoy alone or together with others whilst supporting smaller brands and artists. 


How to create the perfect playful and creative activity box at home

October 13 2020
A playful and creative activity box is the perfect addition to your life to help you change your habits and fill your life with things that you actually do want to do. So when you feel yourself slipping back into old routines, you can pull your box out and have something creative and playful to do straight away. 

50 simple actions that spark joy

September 29 2020
As big proponents of living a life that sparks joy, there are plenty of small things that you can do to brighten your day and bring playfulness and creativity closer to you. This is a list to remind you of some of these things, so print it out and keep it close for when your inspiration is low.

How jigsaw puzzles benefit you creatively and cognitively

September 9 2020
Jigsaw puzzles are proven to not only be a playfully rewarding activity but one that does good to your body and mind as well. Over the years, technology might have taken precedent, but as we collectively grasp to slow down life and learn how to savour the moment, puzzles are a perfect addition to your routine in more ways than one..