Looking to brighten your day and mind with creatively inspiring videos from some of the best YouTubers? These 16 creative YouTube channels promise to keep you inspired and entertained with new creative hobbies to explore, fun DIYs to try at home and imaginative ways of thinking. 

Hopefully, this curated list, helps you find your place and inspiration in the wonderfully creative space on YouTube.


1. Creative and Cute Crocheting @MahumCrochets

Make everyday objects cuter with Mahum’s cosy crochet ideas, like a heart-shaped handbag or heart bookmarks. Or learn how to make your own crochet patterns here.


Creative YouTuber Influencer MahumCrochets


2. Cosy And Creative Knitting @TypicalBliss

On Tiffany's channel, you find a range of cosy knitwear as she is on a mission to make things that make her happy. From chunky cardigans to recreating celebrity looks (like this knitted bandeau that Kendal Jenner wore), there are lots of inspiring knit-laden videos to savour.


creative youtuber @typicalbliss knitting


3. Sewing And Home DIY @WithWendy

A vast array of happy and relaxing videos centring around sowing your own wardrobe and doing aesthetic home and decor DIY. Why not try to make a coat out of a thrifted blanket or follow along on a rooftop patio makeover?


Creative YouTuber @WithWendy


4. All About Pottery @JonThePotter 

Discover the world of pottery and useful tutorials on how to achieve your clay goals. Like learning how to make marbled clay, spiral mugs and how to trim pottery bowls


Creative Pottery YouTuber To Follow @jonthepotter



5. Creative DIY At Home And In The Closet @JennaPhipps

Learn how to sew and crochet cute and creative pieces of fashion all whilst getting the best contemporary interior DIY tips. Check out her videos on DIY-ing christmas gifts, knitting sweaters and how to make your own dreamy rug mirror.


Creative YouTuber To Follow @Jenna Phipps



6. Creative Cooking @BonAppetit

Enjoy something new in the kitchen and get creatively inspired by the @BonAppetit youtube channel. Why not give a smashed breakfast burger a go or spice up an evening with spicy lamb noodles?


Creative Cooking YouTube Channel @BonAppetit



7. A World Of Paper And Paint @SeaLemonDIY

With a focus on bookbindiing stationery, art/doodle challenges and print patterns @SeaLemonDIY lets you explore the world of creativity through pen and paint. Explore her bookbinding tutorials, learn how to make paper and how to make stickers with a circuit maker.


Creative YouTuber To Follow @SeaLemonDIY



8. Creative Home Making And Interiors  @TheSorryGirls

Learn how to create at home, with a focus on lifestyle, education, sustainability, and self-empowerment achieved through a do-it-yourself mentality. Some favourites include DIY-ing luxury Pinterest finds, thrifting Christimas decor and a complete home office make-over.


Creative YouTube Channel @TheSorryGirls



9. Relaxing Crafts And Hobbies @Cheyenne Barton

For curious minds, this channel explores different hobbies, from crochet and sketchbooks to the joy of creating things simply for the fun of it.


Creative YouTuber To Follow @CheyenneBarton


10. Creative Puzzling @KarenPuzzles 

For those who love aesthetic puzzles and puzzling in all shapes, here you can enjoy everything puzzle related, from time-lapses to reviews and hacks. From challenging clear jigsaw puzzles to working on a 24 000 piece puzzle!


Creative Puzzle YouTuber To Follow @KarenPuzzles




11. The Playful Creativity Of Painting And Doodling @ShaydaCampbell

For those who want to open their sketchbooks and let their creativity flow, this painting, sketching and journaling channel is what you need. Here you can learn 50 creative ways to fill a sketchbook, do a continuous line challenge and learn how to paint summer flowers in soothing watercolours amongst many beautiful options.


Creative Painting YouTube Channel To Follow @ShaydaCampbell



12. Live Your Best Creative Life @AmyTangerine

Find the inspiration to live your best creative life with this creative youtube channel. Explore how to set intentions, how to do creative journaling and how to make your own traveller's notebook.


Creative YouTuber To Follow @AmyTangerine



13. Engage Your Mind With Creative Writing @ShaelinWrites

If you want to open your mind to new worlds, try exploring the world of creative writing. Here you can learn more about story arc structures, explore different creative writing techniques and get the best writing tips.


Creative Writing YouTube Channel To Follow


14. Expand Your Mind @Ted

Expand and take your mind in new directions with gripping and fascinating Ted Talks on all kinds of subjects. From the power of vulnerability and the surprising habits of original thinkers to the art of asking.


Creative YouTube Channel to Follow @Ted


15. Sewing With A Fresh Twist @OurLevel

Learn how to flip your thrift finds, sew copies of outfits from your favourite shows (like this dress Maddie wears in Euphoria..) and more with Mai!


Creative YouTuber To Follow Fashion @OurLevel


16. The Technical Skills of Digital Art And The Soft Principles Behind It @YesImADesigner

Creative Design YouTuber To Follow @YesIamADesigner


Share your favourite creative YouTubers and channels below and let's inspire each other!

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