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Launched in 2020, mai mo is a modern and aesthetic jigsaw puzzle brand curated for playful minds. Join us on our mission to curate beautifully playful and mindful moments in this busy world of ours with artful #maimoments.

mai mo uk british jigsaw puzzle brand for adults with modern and aesthetically arty puzzles 500 to 1000 pieces

modern and aesthetic puzzles

With beautiful imagery from independent artists and a select number of museums and galleries across Britain and Europe, mai mo's unique puzzles are made to spark joy. A beautiful selection of artworks that is a delight to piece together and equally pleasing to the eye. With our modern and aesthetic puzzles ranging from 500-to 1000-pieces, with ribbon-cut or random-cut pieces, you have the freedom to curate your next puzzle adventure.

For a satisfying experience, our arty puzzles are printed on luxuriously thick FSC certified paper with a semi-matte finish. Each puzzle also comes with a reusable cotton pouch to store your pieces in, a puzzle poster and an aesthetic box, that according to us and many others is perfect as shelf decoration later on.

So if you’re looking to give yourself, or someone near and dear, thoughtful space to playfully just be, a mai mo puzzle is a perfect treat and gift.

If you are curious as to what our customers are saying about their #maimomoments, you can check out their reviews here!

a few words from our founder

Thank you so much for coming here to our little playful space in the universe! My name is Emilia and I founded mai mo in my late twenties after realising that I wanted to help people stay playfully present and exploring in their life at any age.

As my own journey of exploring playfulness as an adult started with puzzles, so is mai mo’s journey starting with a collection of artful jigsaw puzzles. With mai mo I wanted to combine the long and artful history of jigsaw puzzles with modern and aestehtic designs worthy of shelf and coffee table placements. To get you playing, all whilst enjoying a mindful moment just for you.

Ultimately, I hope that mai mo’s jigsaw puzzles will offer you the same beautiful break from blue screens and a meditative and jazzy space for your mind to make new creative connections with each piece placed, as they do for me. 

Emilia Wik


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