About mai mo

Hi there and welcome to our playful space!

We are a young and playful brand, based in Notting Hill, creating aesthetic items that encourage more creativity and playfulness at any age.
Our first collection is a curated line of artful jigsaw puzzles for the playful adult mind, with beautiful imagery from a select number of museums and galleries across Europe as well as independent artists. Art that is a joy to piece together and equally pleasing to the eye.

All of our puzzle pieces are made for a comfortable experience in semi-matte and sturdy FSC certified paper. With a selection of puzzles ranging from 500 to 1000 pieces, you have the freedom to choose how much time you want to spend on your next puzzle adventure.

about mai mo artful jigsaw puzzles for the playful adult mind

Because we know that beautiful and inspiring surroundings are a big part of getting in the mood to be playful and creative, our puzzle boxes are made to pass the ‘shelfie’ test'. Meaning they are made beautifully to be paraded out on your shelves rather than stowed away, to encourage play and puzzling at any time!

So if you’re looking to give yourself, or someone near and dear, thoughtful space to reconnect with playfulness, a mai mo puzzle is the perfect gift and treat.


A few words from our founder

Hi there, 

My name is Emilia and I founded mai mo in 2020 after a long journey to reconnect with playfulness and creativity in my late twenties. Having been inundated with work running a sustainable fashion brand, where there was not enough time for hobbies or recuperating,  I realised how easy it was to lose touch with play and creativity as life picks up speed around us. After noticing the effect of stress on my body and mind, I decided to go on a journey to reconnect with my favourite simple joys of childhood. This journey also led me to found mai mo, combining my passion for beauty and design with the joy of playfulness and creativity. 

I hope that mai mo’s jigsaw puzzles will offer you the same beautiful break from blue screens and a meditative and jazzy space for your mind to make new creative connections with each piece placed, as they do for me. 

Peace & Play,

Emilia Wik | Founder

Emilia Wik Founder mai mo

If you also think it’s time to play mo’

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