Learning how to solve a random-cut jigsaw puzzle requires a slightly different approach than regular puzzles. If you already know the basics of how to solve a jigsaw puzzle and how to do it faster, this post details what to look out for when solving puzzles with whimsically cut shapes and teach you how to solve them!


1. Sort The Pieces

When it comes to sorting the pieces of random-cut jigsaw puzzle, the kind of sorting you do depends on the shape of the pieces. Usually, the two main shapes are random-patterned pieces and pieces shaped as a motif in the puzzle art.

If your puzzle pieces are of the former (random), focus on sorting your pieces according to colour and patterns. If they are of the latter (motif shaped), sort your motifs according to where they belong on the puzzle and gather them in clusters.

If your puzzle has an obvious edge, you can also sort these pieces separately.


2. Assemble What Stands Out

When it comes to assembly, start out with the edge if you were able to sort those pieces. If you come out with a few edge pieces missing at the end, simply leave those spaces be for now as the remaining pieces will appear as you puzzle. This is a helpful step, as an edge helps you understand the scale of the puzzle and what goes where.

Then start puzzling together the motifs and patterns that stand out to you. One of the challenges with random-cut jigsaw puzzles, is that the pieces do not appear to match up as easily as the pieces of ribbon-cut jigsaw puzzles. That is why starting out with what stands out also helps you get a headstart on your journey. 


3. Complete It

At this point you should be getting closer to finishing your whimsically-cut puzzle, but if you are finding yourself struggling with finding the final pieces, try one (or both) of these two things.

First re-sort the remaining pieces to try to see where they belong and second, take a break. After staring at a puzzle for too long it is simply easy to get blinded by what goes where. A small break helps refresh your brain and usually, what you couldn’t find earlier, will be right infront of you when you sit back down.

What are your best tips on how to solve random-cut jigsaw puzzle? Share below and let’s inspire each other!


how to solve a random-cut jigsaw puzzle



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