Welcome to our world of aesthetic jigsaw puzzles for adults, where creativity, slowing down, and playfulness- come together. At mai mo, we design the most aesthetically pleasing jigsaw puzzles for playful minds that crave beautiful and arty outlets in life. You might wonder why we curate jigsaw puzzles for adults and not children, but as you will discover - the joys and benefits of puzzling at any age are many. Plus they are cute to look at and make a stylish addition to your shelves when not in play. What’s not to love about that? 

Puzzles For Adults

For many, jigsaw puzzles bring back fond memories of childhood with colourful cartoons, green landscapes and endless challenging seas. Our puzzles are a modern take on that childhood joy of piecing a beautiful picture together, only aesthetically packaged in a way that suits you and your needs. As more and more adults turn to jigsaw puzzles to unwind-de-stress and stimulate their brains, we work with independent artists and museums to curate stunning art works that are as beautiful out on the table as they are in a frame on the wall. Because we know that sometimes, you don’t want to let all of your hard work fall back into pieces.

As life is stressful at time, we care about creating calm moments that are a good escape from all the tasks of ‘adulting’ to give you a dose of creative spark back. When we are focused on fitting the puzzle pieces together, our mind tends to slow down and our breathing becomes more regulated. This, in turn, helps us reduce our heart rate and blood pressure, leading to a feeling of calmness and relaxation. They also provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as you piece together the puzzle pieces, which can increase your feelings of happiness. 

Puzzles can also help with our ever-decreasing attention spans, with their positive impact on our cognitive abilities, such as memory, problem-solving, and visual-spatial reasoning. The process of putting together a puzzle involves a series of cognitive steps, such as scanning, sorting, and comparing shapes and colours. These mental exercises help to improve our memory, attention to detail, and overall cognitive function. And at what age does that not sound like a good idea?

At mai mo, we are committed to designing aesthetic jigsaw puzzles that make these benefits and this joy more accessible. So, whether you are looking to unwind after a long day at work or simply looking for a creative outlet, our arty puzzles are the perfect way to escape from it all and indulge in a little bit of playful fun.


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