Want to brighten your feed with inspiring puzzle content and follow more fun puzzle influencers? Then look no further. These six puzzle influencers are here to keep you entertained with fun puzzle posts and enlightening reviews. We know the online jigsaw puzzle community to be such a playful and welcoming place, so we hope you enjoy getting acquainted with these 6 inspiring women.

For Fun & Creative Puzzle Videos

Inspiring puzzle influencer to follow @puzzledabouteverything


Monica creates beautifully entertaining puzzle videos and makes sure to make you laugh with her punny captions.


For a Grand Selection of Puzzles

Inspiring puzzle influencers to follow now @puzzled_01


Becky is a UK based puzzle lover who entracingly showcases her grand selection of jigsaw puzzles from around the world.

For Discovering New Puzzle Gems

inspiring puzzle influencers amanda @600hoursofpuzzles


Amanda is the one to go to if you’re on the lookout for new puzzle gems. She keeps us constantly entertained with beautiful imagery of new brands and fair reviews!

For Behind The Scenes Of A Puzzle Life 

Inspiring puzzle influencer @sarahdoespuzzles


Sarah is an American competitive jigsaw puzzler who inspires us to join in on the puzzle fun in real life with behind the scenes from puzzle competitions and fun reviews. 


For Colourful Art & Puzzle Reels

Inspiring puzzle influencers @mintyfizzpuzzles


Kelly is an American teacher with a passion for showcasing her puzzling and colourful art. She also has her own puzzle brand @MintyFizzPuzzles!


For Bright Modern Art Puzzling

Inspiring puzzle influencers to follow now @jeeksawpuzzles


A California based jigsaw junkie with a stunning collection of bright and modern art jigsaw puzzles. 


Who are your favourite puzzle influencers? Share below and let's inspire each other.

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