Whether you are single or in a relationship, all of us know that what you do on a date can make all the difference. That's why we have compiled a list of 16 creative and fun date ideas that are perfect for those who want to step away from the classic "dinner and drinks" routine. These creative ideas for a date offer playful alternatives that will help you get to know your (potential) partner better under fun and playul circumstances. So, grab your significant other or a friend and get ready for a night of memorable and unique experiences with these creative ideas for date night.

1. Make Your Own Pizza Night

If you want to create something together and discover each other's odd food preferences (are they a pineapple on pizza person or not?), do a pizza-making night at home. All you need is to prepare -or buy- the pizza dough and a selection of fun pizza toppings and you are good to go. Play around with the toppings and impress each other with your own homemade pizzas.

PS. Whoever says that bearnaise sauce, fries and steak do not taste good on a pizza, has never dated a Swedish person.  


2. Doing A Puzzle Together

If you want to enjoy a comfortable atmosphere to talk and explore each other's minds, have a puzzled ate and complete an artful jigsaw puzzle together. This will give you the chance to do something beautifully playful all whilst getting to know each other. You will also learn a lot about a person's patience - the good and the bad (:


3. A Cocktail Night At Home

If you want to explore the senses and increase your bartender knowledge, make a cocktail evening at home. Simply gather the ingredients for your favourite cocktails (and maybe a new one to spice things up!) and you’re ready to go for a fun night of cocktail-making.


4. Learn Something New And Take A Class

If you want to learn and potentially find love at the same time, why not test out a course as a creative date? Taking a class together is a fun and easy way to explore new things that you might enjoy together. You can try everything from cooking, painting, pottery to dancing. The sky is truly the limit with this one!


5. Board Game Night

If you like to strategize and want to have hours of fun on your date, bring your favourite board game to the table and set yourself up for a playful date. If you’re into strategy and games that require a bit more than monopoly, why not check out the board game ‘Settlers of Catan


6. Go Bowling Together

If you want to do something old school, sligthly competitive and oh-so fun, bowling is the ideal date for you. It helps you relax while having fun and is a great icebreaker!


7. Go To An Arcade

If you want to embrace your inner child, what could be better than an evening playing around at the arcade? Not much if you ask us! Try out the classic games or go to a place with VR options to explore a new world of gaming.


8. Have A Sketch Competition

PS you don’t have to be good at drawing for this!

The only things you need are two pencils, two erasers and some paper. Then you decide on a subject and set a time to sketch it out. The shorter the time, the funnier the results, the longer the time, the more serious. With a playful attitude, showing each other the results of your quick sketches often leads to fun moments and plenty of laughter.  


9. Arrange A Scavenger Hunt

If you want to do something extra for your date, prepare a playful scavenger hunt around your home or out and about. Pro-tip: if you’re doing a scavenger hunt outside, carry the clues with you and hand them to your person on the spot instead of putting them up in advance. 


10. Play Trivia At A Cute Pub

If you want to keep the traditional drinks part of a date but want to do something different at the same time, go for a trivia night at your favourite pub. Simply have a look at what trivia nights they have scheduled and pick one that, hopefully, can make you both shine!


11. Go Ice Skating 

If you like the cold and don't mind the chance of falling, ice skating is sure to bring out the best of spirits and brighten the mood with fresh air and playful movements. Perhaps easier during the winter months, but can be an all-year date option if you find a good ice rink.


12. Amuse Yourselves At An Amusement Park

If you want to enjoy a full day of adventures, venture to your closest amusement park. There you can test how big daredevils both of you are and please your senses with exciting rides and tasty food all around. 


13. Start A Monthly Book Club

If you and your regular date want something interesting to explore on a monthly basis, start up an intimate book club. Then turn the time you discuss the books into a special date each month, perhaps dates themed around the book you have both just read. Here you can read and explore new subjects and ideas together all whilst enjoying each other's company in a new way.


14. Imitate A Favourite Meal From A Favourite Restaurant

If you want to explore food creatively, choose your favourite dish from any restaurant and imitate it at home. A recent favourite recipe of mine is an imitation of Nobu’s New Style Sahimi - and this at-home recipe is both simple and tastes amazing. Truly a treat to cook together with someone.


15. Go To A Stand-Up Comedy Show

If you want to laugh with your date, go to a stand-up comedy show. Either pick out a night with your favourite comedian or if you are new to the scene of stand-up, go to a showcase to explore what styles you like. Since laughs are almost always guaranteed, it can feel really special to see what makes your person spill over with laughter the most.


16. Make Crafts Together

If you want to do something fun and easy at home, enjoy a creative night together with simple crafts such as making your own soap, dip-dyed candles or trying origami. A simple and playfully creative way to make creative memories together. 

Please share your thoughts on these date ideas below or if you have any other ideas for creative and playful dates, include those too ✨


16 fun creative and playful date ideas

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