With the world constantly moving so fast, it is easy to understand why we stay so plugged into the familiar comfort of our phones and screens. But as the average UK screen time is 6 hours and 25 minutes, equaling a whole 45 hours per week, who doesn't crave a simpler time where you felt more present?

When it comes to our beloved screens, it is easy to stick to routine but as the benefits of being in reality far outweighs those of living through our screens, it might be time to start decreasing the time you spend doing so. Off the bat, decreasing your screentime is known to help you stay present in the moment, to clear your mind and to give your brain a rest and a recharge. Learning how to unplug digitally also helps you feel more creative and deepens the connections with the people around you , and what could be better than that?

So to help you be more mindful about your screentime, here are 7 simple tips to help you unplug and be more present in today’s technology-driven world!

1. Use an alarm clock

Stop yourself from reaching for your phone first thing in the morning by getting an old-school alarm clock. It will allow you to wake up and find your own balance before being bombarded by notifications and external information. It will also help you to not look at your phone the last thing before you sleep!


2. Turn off notifications

To avoid information overload and apps piquing your interest each time your screen lights up or your phone beeps or buzzes, turn off notifications on all apps that don’t require immediate action. 

To start, some apps that are easy to turn off are: news apps, store apps, social media and notifications of random apps that require no attention (for instance camera apps). This will lighten up your phone and make you less distracted.


unplug with mindful moments


3. Leave your phone in other rooms 

Research has shown that having your phone in view is a distraction to your brain and decreases our mental capacity for other tasks. This includes having your phone faced screen down, so to properly unplug put your phone in a different room, preferably in airplane mood, to enjoy a less foggy mind. 


4. Make sure you enjoy the time spent away from screens

To enjoy the moments where you choose to unplug from technology, spend your newfound time on exploring hobbies or why not getting some real rest. In the beginning, it can be difficult to feel less connected to the world through our screens, but it’s in these moments of clarity in the present where so much untapped joy is hiding. Pick up a puzzle (LINK), learn how to do pottery or cook something delicious. The world is your oyster!


5. Go #Offline48 on the weekend

To stay present in the moment for longer, try Venetia La Manna’s #offline48 challenge and go off social media for a full weekend. Staying off social media for a weekend makes you less focused on what others are doing and helps you enjoy what you choose to do without FOMO and distractions. 


unplug and go for a walk


6. Go for a walk without your phone

Give your mind a break while treating your body to something good and go for a walk around the neighbourhood or local park. But this time, leave your phone at home and take the time to listen to your own thoughts and the sounds of the streets. There will be so many new and small details that you suddenly notice without technological distractions.

7. Break your habits

If you track your screentime, you can also spot when and where you spend most of the time and try to break those habits. For instance, instead of waking up scrolling, create a morning routine that involves at least 30 minutes to an hour of finding your own balance before you open yourself to the world or if you tend to scroll on your way to work, find a good book to bring with you. It’s all about finding those small and easy changes that you can make, because those are also the ones that you’ll want to stick with. 


What are your best tips to unplug? Share below and let's inspire each other ✨


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