How to create the perfect playful and creative activity box at home


How can we use a simple box to include more creative and more playful activities in our life? As humans, we are predisposed to look for easy options that indulge you, so even after making the decision to include more playfulness and creativity in your life, actually doing it can still be a challenge. When you get home from a long day, you have the usual choices of entertainment and relaxing are tugging at you. You go into auto-pilot and grab your phone for mindless,and endless, scrolling. You browse Netflix for a new show even though you’ll probably just end up watching re-runs of your favourite sit-com (or murder documentary if that’s more your cup of tea). These decisions are done without much thought, because the decision is simple and the reward is satisfactory (enough). 

So how can you help yourself make playfulness and creativity a simpler and a more natural choice when your brain is tired? The answer is simple, by making that choice the easy one. My favourite solution to this is to create your own activity box at home and make it readily available and an enjoyable treat. Now, you might be asking yourself, what is a home activity box? In a nutshell, it’s a box in which you put items and tools that you can engage with creatively and playfully. It is the perfect addition to your life to help you change your habits and fill your life with things that you actually do want to do. So when you feel yourself slipping back into old routines, you can pull your box out and have something creative and playful to do straight away. 

Below, you will find what you need to to create your own activity box, what you should consider when you make yours and plenty of ideas on what to fill it with. I made my first ‘self-care’ home activity box about a year ago when I wanted to change my habits and it’s been such a life saver so I can’t wait to hear how you find yours!


What to fill your playful and creative activity box with

There are plenty of items that you can put in your activity box but for one that centers around making playfulness and creativity more prevalent in your life, here are some excellent additions:

  • A deck of cards for solitaire or a game or cards with friends;
  • A sketch book;
  • Pens and pencils;
  • Paintbrushes and paint;
  • Clay and pottery tools;
  • Juggling balls;
  • A jigsaw puzzle (or two);
  • A meditation set with your favourite meditation candle and chrystals;

Besides physical objects, one of my personal favourites to add to the box is a notebook that you can fill with creative and playful prompts. In it, you can write down different ideas for different categories such as “play”, “creativity” “mind” and “body”, which you can use as inspiration when you’re running low on energy. Some of my playful prompts include

  • Journal about your day;
  • Creative writing prompts;
  • Sketch prompts;
  • Stretch your body;
  • Journal about your goals;
  • Read a book, a simple prompt but always a great reminder;
  • Move your body and go for a walk or run;
  • Give yourself a scalp massage; 
  • Dance around your home for 10 minutes;
  • Bake or cook something new.

Everything in this book, prompts, items or tools are all supposed to be prompts that allow you to explore your creative and playful side. 


Things to consider when making your activity box


  1. Make it fun and engaging

Only put items and tools that you’ll enjoy using in your activity box. This is not a box made to challenge yourself to do things that you don’t want to do, it’s a box that’s supposed to help you do the things that you do want to do.


2. Keep it visible

Always keep your activity box somewhere you can see it and where you can easily grab it. If it’s tucked away and out of sight, most probably, it will also slip out of your mind. What you want is to keep it top-of-mind so that the next time you’re stuck wondering what to do with your time, a great option is only a look away.


3. Make it visually appealing to you

Take the time to make your box visually appealing to you. Whether that means grabbing a simple white box, painting a wooden box or putting stickers on one is up to you. Personally, I choose a pink shoebox that I love having out in my home.


4. Keep changing it up

As you use your activity box, keep changing the items and tools up as you go. Maybe you’ve tried something in it and it brought you less joy than expected, if so, switch it to something new to enjoy. Maybe you went to delve deeper into a skill that you discovered in your activity box, if so add new tools to compliment your new desires. The box exists in symbiosis with you, and if you take care of it, it will take care of you in return. 


Let's inspire each other

Have you ever made an activity box to encourage positive habits at home? If so, share the favourite thing you have added to your box below in the comments and let’s inspire each other! If you decide to make one now, please do share it on Instagram and tag @thisismaimo #maimomoment to be re-posted ✨

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