Maybe you are looking for a way to reconnect with playfulness in your adult life, maybe you want to feel less stressed or maybe you just want to have more fun. Whatever brought you here, figuring out how to be more playful, is an amazing thing to do! Staying playful, at any age, is known to increase your level of mental freedom, whilst decreasing your stress levels and benefitting your creative thinking. So, if you want to get a push in a playful direction, embrace it in these 6 easy ways.


How to be more playful in 6 ways

    Note 1 "To Do" Note 2 "Have fun"

    1. Schedule time to be playful

       We all know the feeling, we dream of doing something but somehow it never actually happens. This is usually due to the fact that we do not plan in the time to do the things we dream of. So, instead of letting a busy life stop you from playfulness, ensure that you schedule time for it in your weekly routine. Setting the intention, and the time, to do it, makes it much more likely that you will follow through. You will also see that, after a while, playfulness does not need to be as scheduled as it will gradually become part of your habits and your personality 💫


      2. Find your type of play and playfulness


      Playfulness comes in all shapes and shades so when exploring yours, there are so many different beautiful avenues to try out. Why not try piecing together a jigsaw puzzle or doodle your imagination away, try cooking something new or create collages. Adopt a freer and more vibrant mindset and apply it to your everyday routines and actions. A personal favourite of mine, is creating a home activity box filled with different gems that encourage you to pick up playfulness on the daily

      3. Plan playful meetings with friends


      Most people probably agree that dinner and coffee dates are the best, but you can also switch it up once in a while and try out creative and fun things with the people you love. You can plan puzzle nights and board game Sundays, learn how to do embroidery in a group and create still lifes to paint with others. You can also get inspired by fun and creative DIY influencers and create new things with friends. The sky is really the limit here!



      4. Dance to a song a day


      I personally love this one, because it doesn’t take long but it is (oh so) joyful. It might take a few days to get into it, but after a few days of self-consciousne dancing you body and mind starts letting go to the music and that is where the magic happens. It's a happy daily moment, where you can let go off vanity and accept yourself in the action, which in my eyes, is a big part of having a playful attitude towards life. 



      5. Experience childlike wonder


      When was the last time you were awed  by something ordinary? As children, we are masters of it, constantly amazed by the everyday. So as adults, looking at the world through younger eyes might help open our minds to new possibilities. Instead of growing numb to what we see and experience, let us see the ordinary in a new light, to appreciate what is around us and be less harsh on ourselves and others.  



      6. Be spontaneous and say yes;


      A big part of playfulness is to let go of fear and staying open, so what could be more playful than being a bit spontaneous? I personally love to plan, but being surrounded by people who prefer saying yes has taught me that being spontaneous is often more fun than to not! You don’t know who you’ll meet, what you will learn or what you will see and do. And not knowing the outcome, feels playful to me.





      Over to you! Which of these are you most likely to try out? Share in the comments below and let us inspire each other ✨


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