Learning how to be more playful and in essence, to have more fun in life, is a simple and rewarding journey that opens you up to a more playful attitude towards life. Embracing play and a playful attitude at any age is also known to increase levels of mental freedom, decrease stress levels and benefit creative thinking. And all of that is achieved by simply having fun! So if you are looking for a push in a playful direction, read along to learn how to be playful at any age with these 6 simple tips and tricks.

The 6 Best Tips and Tricks On How To Be More Playful


    1. Schedule Time To Be Playful

      Avoid the trap of dreaming of doing something, but never following through, by planning time to be playful in your calendar. Simply setting the intention, and the time to do it makes it much more likely that you will follow through on playfully planned activities. So, instead of letting a busy life stop you from playfulness, start including it in your weekly routine. In the beginning, this can be an important step in helping you stick with it and in acquiring a playful attitude in the long term. After a while, you might notice that play or playfulness does not need to be scheduled as it will gradually become part of your normal routine and pattern.


      2. Find Your Favourite Type Of Play And Playfulness

      Play and playfulness come in all shapes and sizes so when exploring what you enjoy the most, there are many different beautiful avenues to try out. What is important is that you find the type of playful activites that you enjoy, so that playfulness becomes a beautiful addition your life.

      Start out by exploring classic board games, aesthetic jigsaw puzzles and get creative with your cooking. At home, you can also create a playful activity box and fill it with things that easily encourage you to pick up playful activities at home.

      Outside the home, you can explore classes in different subjects that you spark your interest, whether it be painting, cocktail making or why not paintball.

      There are so many options and as you explore different activities, notice how your mind becomes more open-minded and creative. More accepting of yourself and more eager to try new things.


      How to be more playful and do more playful things with friends


      3. Be Playful And Do Playful Things With Those Close To You

      The usual dinners, lunches and coffee dates with the people we care about are great, but switching it up once in a while to try something new, creative and playful is such fun. Plan puzzle nights and board game Sundays. Spend time learning how to do embroidery and how to paint still lifes with others. Take inspiration from fun and creative DIY influencers and recreate your finds with friends. Or spice up time spent with friends and loved ones with these playful date ideas. The world really is your playful oyster.


      4. Dance To A Song a Day

      A favourite of mine, something that requires little effort and little time, but that brings a lot of happiness is dancing to a song a day. Start off with your favourite song, in a space where you feel safe and get that dancing started. It might take a few days of awkward and self-conscious dancing until you notice your mind starting to let go. This is where the magic happens. You have created a playful daily activity, a moment where you let go of vanity and accepted yourself in enjoyment, an act that in itself plays a big part in having a playful attitude towards life.


      5. Experience Childlike Wonder

      As children we are constantly amazed by tiny moments with open and playful attitudes, masters of being awed by the ordinary. If you take note of the last time you were awed by something ordinary now, and notice that it was a while ago, this might be the moment to bring back more childlike wonder into your life. 

      Try to look at the world around you through the glasses of a child and open your mind to new possibilities and moments of awe. Something that always brings me back to childlike wonder is nature, as its beauty never ceases to amaze and humble me in the most serene way. Experiencing childlike wonder helps us to not grow numb to what we experience, to see the ordinary in a new light, and to approach life with an open and playful attitude.


      6. Stay Spontaneous And Say Yes

      When learning how to be more playful, you also have to learn how to let go of fear and how to stay open to the uncertain. So what could fit better on a journey to be more playful, than staying spontaneous and saying yes to new opportunities and activities? We all know that planning has its advantages, but being spontaneous can at times be a much-needed fix in life. On these adventures, you do not know who you will end up meeting, what you will do or what you will see. And somehow, not always knowing the outcome, is a playful act in itself. 


      Which of these are you most likely to try out? Share your favourite tips on how to be more playful in the comments below and let us inspire each other 🌼


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       How to be more playful in life at any age

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