Looking for creative and fun DIY influencers to follow? Look no further! With the world on pause, I think most of us are looking forward to creatively engaging our minds instead of the 110th Netflix marathon in a row. That is why I put together this list with my top 8 inspiring influencers to follow right now. Whether they are focused on cooking, mending or creating a creative home, these women all have the best tips, pretty feeds and inspiring content to get your creative juices flowing.

So feel free to have a look below and get ready to feel inspired in the kitchen, at home and in your wardrobe.



Allthepeachesplease is a multidisciplinary artist who’s inspiring feed is bound to take your DIY creativity to the next level. Although her focus is on fun and cute DIY around the house (foam frames, cute tile trays and quilted pillows) she also has other fun projects to be inspired by . Why not check out her DIY mask chain guide or add patchwork to your favourite pair of jeans?

P.S. her home is pink, cute and whimsical too. 

You can find her blog for more inspiration here: Allthepeachesplease


@allthepeaches foam mirorr diy



Debs is a master at finding old things and turning them into something new!  Her DIY projects often center around upgrading Facebook marketplace finds and making beautiful yet simple homemade gifts. One of my recent favourites was a beautiful upholstery project where she turned an old and lacklustre chair into a cosy teddy chair.. What a dream! You can check out the YouTube video and how to here.

You can find her blog for more inspiration here: Bangonstyle.com


@bangonstyle twisted candle diy



When it comes to DIY, what could be better than learning how to mend things that you already have at home? Lily’s colourful feed is here to inspire you to mend your clothes with a twist and to cherish the things you own for longer. When she isn’t recommending new ways how to fix your socks and knitwear, there is an abundance of embroidery and other fun stitch tricks for you to learn about. 

You can find her instagram for more inspiration here: @Mindful_Mending





Amber’s feed is filled with fun and easy things to do around the home that are as perfect for gifting as they are to keep around. One of my recent favourites was this beautiful faux leather valet made from clay, but there are truly too many options to choose one definitive one. If you’re looking for some fun and child friendly DIY, she has got you covered too!

You can find her blog for more inspiration here: Damasklove.com


@Damasklove faux leather valet diy



For those of you who love colourful and thoughtful interior design, this is a must follow. Lisbeth does small and fun DIYs around the home with everything from cute christmas tree decorations, to paper art and easter eggs. She is from Denmark, which you notice in the combination of minimalism and maximalism she favours, and although her captions are in Danish, she is well worth the follow and to just press translate on instagram to get the full gist.

You can find her instagram for more inspiration here: @Lisbethbeckmortensen 

@Lisbethbeckmortensen bow diy



For those of you looking to get a bit more technical with your home DIYs, Susy is a self-taught DIY-er who has taken on her own home with splendor. From radiator covers to stool upcycling, Susy has got the tips to take your own home improvements to the next level. On her bio it says “making all the mistakes, and learning how to fix them” and I think that’s an attitude we could all benefit from! 

You can find her instagram for more inspiration here: @Girlandadrill

@girlandadrill interior diy rattan table



I think one of the easiest places to make creativity come alive at home is via cooking and with Rosie’s joyful home cooking, there is no lack of inspiration on how to do it yourself. Why not try a savoury pear tart with creamy blue cheese, walnuts and sage or a mango pickled glazed celeriac (how yummy does that sound!). So follow along and get inspired to cook something new and yummy this week.

You can find her instagram for more inspiration here: @Rosiefoodie

Savoury pear tart @rosiefoodie



From bagel spreads (a concept I did not know existed, but am grateful to find out that it is a thing) to new year headbands made with pipe cleaners, Erica has got an abundance of things for you to try to make or cook at home. The sky is the limit in terms of what she gets up to, so follow along to be inspired to do the same.

Follow her instagram here: @PSimadethis

@PSImadethis bagel spread


Time to get creative

Now it's your turn, who are your favourite creative and DIY influencers? Pop a comment below and let's inspire each other!

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