In early 2020 the world around us changed and many of us were, for the first time ever, placed in lockdown. Without a normal daily routine to keep sane, we were left to figure out how to live a life without them. Maybe you started lockdown off by sleeping in, binge-watching everything and anything on Netflix whilst forgetting what gym clothes looked like. Then after a while, after realising that doing nothing can actually get quite dull, you might have started caring for plants, playing around with puzzles or cooking up a new daring recipe each night. Anything to stay happy in the new situation you found yourself in.

As life is slowly starting to return to normal, you might realise that you are not willing to let go off some of these more positive habits. What these entail, might differ from person to person, but we curated a list of 6 positive lockdown habits that you should keep with you as life returns to “normal".


1. Make Time For Things You Are Passionate About

Life moved fast before lockdown and whatever routine you were in was hard to even notice, much less to change. But the stillness of lockdown created the perfect opportunity to explore passions that you might have forgotten about since childhood (hey jigsaw puzzles and painting!) or given you the space to venture out and try something new (hey cocktail making!). As life returns to normal, don’t let your old routines take over, but make sure to schedule time to do the things that make your heart beat faster. You don't want to miss out on those precious moments just for you!


 aesthetic 1000 piece landscape jigsaw puzzle by tarsila do amaral


2. Trying New Things

Being locked at home definitely inspires one to try a multitude of different things and activities to escape boredom. Whether you tried making your own sourdough starter, took part in online cooking courses or took a swing at singing lessons - don’t let the end of lockdown stop you from trying and enjoying new things! Exploring new activities and projects is a surefire way to make life more memorable and helps you let go of fear and explore different sides of yourself. So even now that lockdown is over, try to try something new at least once a month.


3. Self Care

Although self-care has been a beloved concept for quite some time, lockdown was the moment many of us to become intimately acquainted with it. As self-care ranges from journaling, to mindfulness, to exercise or whatever your individually need and desire, the range of benefits is also wide. A good self-care routine can help you alleviate stress, improve your emotional health and give life a peaceful little silver lining. So do stay with your self-care routine when other parts of your routine start returning, and enjoy that precious calm feeling even as the world spins faster. 


6 positive habits to stick with after lockdown


4. To Digitally Unplug

Unplugging from the digital world can be easier said than done but the benefits are huge. It gives you the opportunity to focus, to connect with the world around you and to stay present in the moment. It leaves time for simple pleasures and actually makes you feel less lonely, especially if you spend a lot of time scrolling Instagram. This was especially important when the time spent online became non-stop whilst you were working from home. There wasn’t the same natural opportunity to close your laptop after a day of work. Instead, it was easy to move to the couch after it (if you weren’t working from there already that is..) and open a new tab to continue the evening browsing Netflix with your phone in hand. Choosing to unplug from technology for a few hours or a day is, therefore, a habit to continue with even when life returns to normal.

If you want to get a kickstart, why not follow the #offline48 challenge created by Venetia La Manna.


5. To Practice Gratitude On A Regular Basis

As life slowed down in lockdown, it was easier to enjoy and appreciate the small things that make life so special. Whether it was the opportunity to zoom call with your family, go for a walk around the park or cook something new, those small good bits of life suddenly felt extra special. You might even have felt that it was easier to extend and practice gratitude in moments like those. As practising gratitude can help you feel more optimistic about the future, increase resilience and improve sleep quality, who doesn’t want to keep that in their “normal” life routine?  


6. To Play More

During lockdown, it was easier to take time to play around and that’s one positive habit to keep with you because “you don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing” (George Bernard Shaw). As life returns to normal, you can now arrange fun board game nights or puzzle afternoons with friends and loves ones. The world of play is finally your oyster 🌈



What lockdown habits do you want to keep with you when life returns to “normal”?

6 positive habits to stick with after lockdown 

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