Why I Founded mai mo

I have found that, while the speed of life accelerates, it is easy to lose track of the things that matter. And something that many adults, myself included, are guilty of losing along the way, is a connection and outlet to their innate playfulness and creativity. It took me years to realise that I had lost mine, and it required me to undergo some soulsearching to retrieve it. It was this path that led me to found mai mo, with a mission to bring playfulness back to adult life.

One of my favourite sayings is “You don’t stop playing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop playing”. A few years ago I was working in sustainable fashion and work, screens and socialising had taken over my schedule with ‘no’ time left to explore creatively or to be playful. During this time, I learnt that it is easy to forget to nurture the play and creativity that sustained you throughout your childhood by putting your routine on a tired auto-repeat. I found my senses getting duller and somewhere along the line, I started craving a change. I wanted to be more playful in my everyday life and to embrace creativity as something that doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’. This process somehow turned out to be all about accepting failure, learning how to be a beginner (with no judgement) and spotting any opportunity to practice playfulness during the day. It was fun, challenging and sometimes taxing but it opened my eyes to a more rewarding way of life. One where a newfound, yet innate, playfulness had made less afraid and more willing to embrace the natural ups and downs of life.

Emilia Wik Founder mai mo

Making a change

So when it came to making a change in my career, I knew I wanted to create something that helped others like me reconnect with their playfulness and creativity. I wanted to create and curate items that are playful and that offer a space for minds away from screens to gather new creative energy. This is my vision for mai mo, creating things that give people a chance to discover the magic of play and the joy of new beginnings. 

I knew straight away that the first mai mo collection would be a collection of jigsaw puzzles. It is a playful activity that has stayed with me from childhood to adulthood, always offering a respite from what is going on in the world with beautifully imaginary shapes and colours. Put short, a  shimmering break away from today’s hustle and bustle. 
I hope you come along on this journey with mai mo and me, to give yourself the time to explore and let go. 
Peace & Play
Founder mai mo

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